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Protective Coatings

Slurry Blasting

Our robust Aquagrit slurry blast units are ideal for heavy industrial cleaning applications.

The abrasive media is totally saturated in water within the system fully arresting any airborne fines and dust during the blasting process. Recommended abrasives are from particles of 1mm and above.
Typical applications for these machines include cleaning of ship hulls, tank internals, general steel fabrication and any other processes where low dust emissions are essential.

The mix of abrasive to water is approximately 50:50. All Aquagrits are manufactured to the Hodge Clemco contractor machine standards and accept Clemco spares.

The pressure regulator fitted allows nozzle pressures from 10psi to 110psi giving total flexibility for cleaning or blasting almost any structure.

Vac Blasting

Dust Free & Safe
• Clean and interruption-free for work colleagues and surrounding area.
• Does not require screening or special protective equipment.

• Blasting media can be reused at least 3 times.
• No post-cleaning required.

Enviromentaly Friendly
• Blasting replaces chemicals and rust agents.
• All approved blasting media can be used, e.g. glass beads and nutshells.
• The air from the unit is purified and can be returned to the premises.
• Blasted material is collected in a waste bag.

• Compact, mobile unit – easy to move between work stations.

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