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Passive Fire Protection

The Chartek brand has a 30 year track record of protecting oil and gas installations against explosion, hydrocarbon pool and jet fires.


Chartek products can be foound on offshore platforms, FPSOs refineries, petrochemical plants LNG terminals and LPG storage facilities across the world.

Extensive Certification Using The Most
Up To Date Fire Standards.

Meeting the standard ISO 22899 has led to jet fire Type Approvals for Chartek 7 from class societies such as Lloyds Register and DNV.

Chartek 7's jet fire certification for durations of up to 3 hours, compliments its extensive pool fire testing in accordance with ISO TR 834-3. Type Approval Certification also covers resistance to blast where Chartek 7 is resistant to 4 bar over pressure.

Cold Spill Protection.

Chartek 7 can be used as a duplex system with Intertherm 7050 providing insulation and preventing the brittle fracture of steel in the event of a large LNG spillage. Chartek 7 is itself resistant to cryogenic exposure without  detriment to fire protection performance.

Independent third party testing has  demonstrated the product's effectiveness  after contact with cryogenic liquids.

Highly Durable
Compliance with Norsok M501 revision 5 system 5A gives clients complete confidence in Chartek 7's fire performance, even when the top-coat is poorly maintained or absent.

ISO 20340 cyclic testing used in the Norsok standard is in good agreement with in field
performance. Pull off test values greater than 3MPa after completion of ISO 20340 testing ensures that the integrity of the fire protection will be maintained for its service-able life.

Enhanced Productivity
Rapid hardness development allows the specification thickness to be delivered quickly minimising impact to build schedules.


Application with minimal waste makes it an efficient product to apply.

Chartek 7 has a low installed weight per unit area for a given fire rating. The flexible carbon fibre HK-1
TMmesh is simply incorporated during application and is safer to use than metal alternatives as it does not require welded pins.

Pre-cast panels of Chartek 7 allow easy installation of passive fire protection for equipment and structure requiring regular inspection.

Reduced Hazard in a Fire

Safety is of paramount importance to us. Chartek 7 has been tested to IMO 61(67) standard, successfully meeting the criteria set by the industry. It does not contain any halogenated raw materials and has a Class 1 rating as per ASTM E84.

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